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About Us

Welcome to TIKI DESIGN STUDIOS! Thanks for taking some time to check out our site. We have been serving southern Wisconsin and primarily the Madison area for over 14 years designing custom homes at affordable prices. Our main goal is to provide the best service in a timely manner so that we can help you get living in that brand new home or remodel of your dreams. Go ahead and scout out some of our work or just give us a call. We're always happy to chat. Enjoy the rest of our site and let the excitement of new possibilities begin!

Mike Burrow

Owner/Lead Drafting Specialist

Hello. My name is Mike Burrow. I am the owner and primary designer of Tiki Design Studios. I have an Associates degree in Architecture from MATC in Madison and have been designing homes for almost 14 years. I have worked on projects as small as a one room addition and as big as 6000 sq. ft. houses.

I truly enjoy taking people's ideas and helping them design a home that fits their needs, wants, and budget. I have designed upwards of 500 new custom houses as well as hundreds of remodeling and addition projects. All of this makes me confident in the quality of what we do here at TIKI Design Studios.


Drafting Specialist

Hello there. I'm Josh. I have always had a desire to be involved in architecture and residential design. I attended Herzing College for CAD drafting from 2002 - 2004 and am proficient in AutoCAD, Autodesk, Pro-E, Solidworks, and SoftPlan. At Herzing, I focused on 3D mechanical and home design and graduated with my Associate's Degree  in CAD Drafting in 2004. 


I worked in the home design department of a local lumber yard where I met with many builders and home owners on a regular basis. I also had the pleasure of creating some new concepts and cutting edge ideas while working with these clients. That work brought me into TIKI Design Studios in 2013.

Nate Kuhl

Drafting Specialist

Hi. I'm Nate. After spending some time in the construction field, I decided that I wanted to pursue a career in architectural design. I graduated from Madison Technical College in 2010 with an Associate's Degree in Architecture and have been designing custom homes with TIKI for the past 3 years. I have an intense passion for creative design and really listening to customers. I understand that when I'm designing a custom home or addition, it's more than just a project. I'm trying to capture the passion and essence of the owner and really make the design reflect them to the fullest extent. In the end, the architecture is creatively realized and the owner gets the result they've only imagined and worked hard to achieve.



- We have over 14  years in the residential design business.

We have competitive prices so we can meet all budgets.

- We have background in material costs, which allows us to help

     keep you in your budget.

- We work flexible hours to make it easy to set up appointments

      that work with your schedule.

- We can design in 3D!!! to help show you what you are getting

    before construction begins.

- We offer discounts to builders, who build multiple homes in a






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